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I'm an artist looking for the beauty of the world, who likes to share everything I like. Follow me and find new things on my Morphine Dream dashboard! Arabic girl, english fanatic, cinematographer.

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"The streets were narrow alleys, wood roofed in the main bazaar but elsewhere open to the sky for the little gap between the tops of the lofty white-walled houses. They were built, for or five storeys high, of coral rag, tied with wooden beams, and decorated with great bow-windows running from ground to roof in grey wooden panels.  The style of architecture was like Elizabethan half-timber work, in the elaborate Chesire fashion, but gone gimrack to an incredible degree. House fronts were fretted and pierced and pargetted til they looked as though cut out of cardboard for a romantic stage-setting. Every storey jutted, every window leaned one way or other, often the very walls sloped back and forward." 

T.E. Lawrence describing Jidda in Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

Photos by him, from The Imperial War Museum. 

(via fuckyeahsaudiarabia)

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