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My mom is fan of Shinhwa too.

I dared to offend Jun Jin, saying he was ugly and weird… (Just playing, to make my mom angry for a while) What I did I gained? My mom’s punches on by back. NEVER OFFEND THE LEGEND, NEVER OFFEND SHINHWA. lol

Radio host : Who is the weirdest member in Shinhwa?

Dongwan :I think Junjin and Eric do a lot of weird things. They're unbelievable. When they wake up, they fold their blanket into an origami airplane.
Hyesung :And they're walking down the street when they suddenly turn to each other and start fighting with each other in Chinese!
Dongwan :They sing about bap (rice) in Vietnamese.
Eric :No, Jin is the really weird one. How can a person do that to a doll that doesn't even speak. A bumblebee doll. It was about 3-4 in the morning, and he was beating up that bumblebee doll in the night. If i didn't stop him, he would have kept beating it up all night.
JunJin :Eric is the even weirder one. When I was beating up the bumblebee, he came up beside me and scolded the bumblebee, asking what it did that was so wrong...(laughs).
Eric :But the bumblebee must have done something wrong in order to get hit, right?
JunJin :Of course!!!!

have some cheeky baby bird 

Ha ha ha ha lol

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Hyesung + Hands

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha I love this show!

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